Girton Youth Project

Welcome to our video and animation page

Here at Girton Youth Project we have been busy producing lots of movies and videos of every kind. First off though, here is a video made by the YMCA to promote one of their favorite projects:

HAVE A LOOK BELOW TO SEE THE REST… They include videos to help us get funding, videos of trips, action packed movie shorts, stop frame animations and some other projects in here too…

We hope you enjoy them!



Summer sailing residential 2016

This has to be our most exciting residential! Six days on the high seas (Well off the south coast anyway)

PGL 2014

This is a quick video of some of the more random things everyone got up to at this years residential…

Splash the Cash Fund Application 2014

We’ve put together this video to hopefully persuade the Big Lottery’s Splash the Cash fund to pay for our summer residential… Fingers Crossed!


Another imaginatively titled piece from some of our younger participants! This was filmed, edited and produced exclusively by Jamie O’Brien as part of his Gold Arts Award.

Blood Soaked Screaming Forest Zombies

Another installment of what a post apocalyptical world would look like to a young person! Or a funny zombie movie 🙂

Corby Skate Park

Last year a group of us went to Adrenaline Alley in Corby to skate, scooter and BMX our way round all the jumps… Here is some of the footage

Bin Bag Fashion Show

We spent one session working on fashion designs, so we just had to film the cat-walk show!

94 Bricks

One of our Youth Club members, Jamie O’Brien is working on his Gold Arts Award and as a result has made this film… I think its fantastic!

Youth Club vs Space Marines

Here is the last of our summer video projects… with added special effects! We hope you enjoy.

The Death of Ollie

Here at Girton Youth Project we pride ourselves on our rules to discourage all forms of bullying or antagonistic behaviour, we therefore take any kind of violence to staff and other members of the club very seriously and will never tolerate aggression…

…but boys will be boys!

PGL Residential 2012

Here is our latest movie taken from our trip to Caythorpe Court this year.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t add the repeat-after-me-song, the press-ups competition or dragging the staff into the pond, but we hope you enjoyed what we have added.

Iggle Piggle’s Revenge

Here is the first movie animation from our summer video making day… The others will follow!


An animation project with the year 4’s at Girton Glebe Primary school. Each group worked on their own stop frame animation ideas and we put them together to make a movie story… with a suitably apocalyptic ending!!

Youth Club vs Aliens

You’ve heard about Alien vs Preditor and Aliens and Cowboys, now here is the feature lengh version of Aliens and Youth Club!… Thanks to Daniela Kalaninova for the editing, Max for being the victim, Kyle for his camera work and everyone else for the destructive movie!

PGL 2011… Embarrassing

Here are some of our more embarrasing photos and video clips for the PGL residential this summer…


As part of our summer 2011 activities we did a large scale stop-frame animation project with artist Simon Woolham

Splash the Cash grant for the Summer residential

We’re getting good at this! For our third Splash the Cash bid. Jamie, Emma and Kienan put in this video. Check out our application…

Rocket project

This was a two day project with the year 4’s from Girton Glebe Primary school.

We designed and prepared rockets from 2L plastic bottles and prepared images and sounds that we wanted to send into space. We also strapped a camera to one of the rockets… which disappeared for 24 hours… only to be found in the playground on the other side of the school!

Potato Love

A plasticine animation created with Girton Glebes year 6 girls Lily, Jemimah, Lucy, Anna, Charlotte, Nicol, Lucy and Adriana

Ambush of the Stone

Created during our Movie Making day during Easter 2011, these guys went for what I think is called a high concept plot and big budget sound effects!

Thanks to George, Joe, Tennyson, Oscar and Matthew.


What starts off as a harmless prank could go so wrong…

Thanks to Libby, Abbie, Latisha, Ellie and the Zombie!

Gory Story 3

Dan, Jack, Tom, Daniel, Keith, Luke and Toby created this on our movie day. This is also posted on Daniel’s own YouTube channel… MrDannydino! Enjoy

Plasticine mayhem 2

And here is another one…

Plasticine mayhem

Some random stop frame animations created by our younger group

YMCA Participation Panel spring bid

After the success of our previous bid to PGL Caythorpe Court, we thought we would ask for some money to go on some trips this spring.

Jordans Haircut

Jordan agrees to have his hair cut for charity, but we couldn’t work out which one!

Check this one out on YouTube… It’s literally had thousands of hits from all over the world!

Girton Mask project

Mask making project with Girton Youth Project and Goose Club held at Girton Glebe Primary school

PGL, Caythorpe Court residential movie

This is what we got upto whilst away for the weekend.

Girton Residential funding application movie

This was our first movie.


In order to put in a bid to the YMCA Participation Panel (Splash the Cash) fund for a 3 day residential the participants of Girton Youth Project made this movie… And it was successful!